Welcome to Dog Boutique, Natural Pet Food Market & Dog Bakery!


Our dog boutique may look fancy, but make no mistake our prices are AMAZING and lower than most order Dog Stores! We offer a frequent loyalty shopping card, so you can earn up to 10% off every purchase Our pet foods are all premium 5-star lines, that have never had a recall, USA & Canada, which makes choosing a food super easy! Bakery items are made with only the fresh human-grade ingredients, our bakery treats have no sugar added & we have no nut options! Our dog bakery cookies & cakes are always in stock, no need to call ahead! We feature four pet bakeries at our shop None of our bakery items needs to be refrigerated, they are dehydrated, which gives them a 6-9 month shelf life. See you soon!

Why choose us?
Your furry best friends are already a part of your family. You want to ensure they look and feel healthy. And that they smell nice all the time. We help you achieve just that and more.
Here are more reasons to hire us for your dog needs in Melbourne.
• We make sure that every operator is fully trained, experienced, and insured.
• All our dog wash and grooming services come at a competitive price and are fully customisable.
• We give every dog a special treatment every time.

Visit dog-friendly for dog bakery!
Made by hand
Fresh dog bakery cookies & cakes are always in stock
Make which fresh ground peanut butter & icing is yogurt.
No sugar added, our dog bakery cake & dog bakery cookies are all-natural only human-grade ingredients
We are the northwest suburbs destination for dog birthday cake & dog bakery cookies!

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