About Us

cody & carl's blvd

was founded by our Mom, in Oct 2005, but she did not do it alone! We both helped and after we selected some of our favourite things, Mom opened our dog boutique at The Foundry, Feb 2006 in our names!

Mom loves to shop, if you have been here, you know what we are talking about, she has a unique way to buy for your canines, many people are amazed with the overwhelming selections.

I’m Cody, an adorable happy independent Shih-Tzu & my brother Carl, is a lay about Lhasa-apso. Oh & we now have a sister, named Hope, Shih-Tzu born in 2007, so her name isn’t on the sign…but she sure thinks she’s the boss… whatever!

We helped Mom select the best all-natural dog bakery items, dog birthday cakes, designer ribbon & leather collars, leads, many varieties of harnesses, tough & fun toys, organic dog treats, non-rawhide chews, custom beds, botanical shampoo & more! 

We also sat tirelessly for many many portraits, so we had cool canvas’ on our store walls!

It was a lot of work & dog naps, but our goal was to help Mom create a beautiful unique store for pets.

Mom, Amy & Carol are dedicated & knowledgeable! We assure you they are true problem solvers of all things dog!

We welcome custom orders, if we don’t have it we will get it! Our dog shop is truly unique, like none other you have been too, we are always in stock & we pay strict attention to detail.

Dogs are welcome to shop, must be on a leash & please make sure they pee outside before entering our carpeted shop !!!

We look forward to meeting your family!

Call us with any questions (03) 5314 7827



  • Breed: Shih-tzu
  • Nickname: Cody Bear
  • Age: 7 (Born Nov. 2003) 
  • Weight: 18.5lbs


  • Breed: Shih-tzu
  • Nickname: Popie, Hopie, Mopie
  • Age: 3     
  • Weight: 14lbs


  • Breed: Lhasa-Apso   
  • Nickname: Chub Chub    
  • Born: 2003   
  • Weight: 29lbs (My father’s name was ‘Chubby Checker’!)

Our location

44 Gaffney Street, South Melbourne, Victoria 3205

Hours & Info

Dog Boutique, Dog Bakery &  Natural Pet Food Market      

We are closed ONLY on major Holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Easter Sunday, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.     (03) 5314 7827


Address: 44 Gaffney Street, South Melbourne, Victoria 3205

Phone: (03) 5314 7827

Email: info@codyandcarlsblvd.com