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At Cody & Carl's Blvd, we're dedicated to keeping your pets happy & healthy.  We make it simply natural!
We choose to sell only premium pet foods, treats & supplements. No preservatives, no food coloring, gluten free, zero fillers like corn or by-products. Guaranteed!
Our supplements are completely natural that your dog will enjoy & benefit from without harmful additives. We keep it smart & simple.
Our prices are equal/better than other stores. We offer a loyalty card that we keep here on file for your convenience!

Natural common sense solutions to everyday canine issues.

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Local Dog Boutique
304 - 7140
USA Salmon Oil
100% natural Alaskan salmon.. Improves dogs skin, nails & coat Great source of essential fatty acids. Add into dogs food daily for great results

USA Joint Supplement
Green Lipped Mussel, rich in Glucosamine, incredible product that is effective & will change how your dog feels! Also tastes great,
just add to food daily
Firm Up! Pumpkin
Pumpkin is one of the most nutritious fruits on the earth! Pumpkin is low in fat and rich in immune boosting nutrients. Firm up will quickly & effectively support & maintain proper digestion, while producing normal bowel function in pets. Stops runny poops! A great supplement to use when transitioning to a new food. The natural fiber helps digestion, add to food daily to regulate digestion. Available in 4oz & Bulk 1lb

USA Angel Eyes Plus
Anti- tear stain formula contains no antibiotics. This is all natural; cranberry powder, marshmallow root powder, olive leaf powder, and eyebright powder.
Mix in food everyday for a yummy taste & great results
Beef Liver, Chicken Liver both available in 45g or 75g
angel eyes plus for dogs
Bonito Flakes
Great yummy pure 100% bonito tuna  food topper & treat. Put a bunch on top of your pets food to make tail wag! Bonito flakes are a big hit in our house for cats & dogs
See something you like, looking for something?
Call us and let us shop with you over the phone. We will ship out on same day ordered with UPS.
If you are in Illinois you should receive next day!
847 . 304 . 7140
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See something you like, looking for something? We would love to help you pick out the perfect items for your pets.
Call us and let us shop with you over the phone. We will ship out within 24hrs via UPS.
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Coconut Flakes
These are shaved pieces of 100% coconut. Coconut will improve dogs metabolism, skin health & coat luster. Can be used as a treat or food topper. Use daily.

k9 coconut flakes