We love Animal House Shelter, Huntley, IL

Animal House Shelter has many other litters & great adult dogs that are already housebroken
AHS is located at 13005 Ernesti Rd, Huntley IL 60142
OPEN EVERY DAY (11am - 7pm)  
Animal House Shelter
Animal House Shelter, Inc
Rescues abused neglected dogs & cats. They help rehabilitate them mentally & physically in order to place them with the best new family. 
They rescue 98% of our dogs from high 'kill' shelters, pounds & various animal control facilities in which they are usually listed as strays, and almost always scheduled to be euthanized. 
Open since June 2002 and have rescued, rehabilitated and placed over 10,000 dogs and cats, to date, into their loving forever homes! 
The best possible veterinary care is always given to those at Animal House Shelter.
We never decline treatment, whatever it may entail, if it means that the animal has a chance at a new and healthy life.
They strive to go above & beyond when caring for shelter animals.They understand the importance of getting to know each animal available for adoption in an effort to place them in the most perfect home possible. All dogs are walked 4-5 times a day & socialized with each other people.
The cats are housed in a large 'free roam' cat room so they can socialize all day with each other, staff, volunteers and potential adopters.
For the cost of a cup of coffee each morning you can help us save lives!  Your donation may provide life saving medical care to a critically injured animal, ensure food & shelter to dozens of rescued pets This is the kind of impact you will make as a AHS monthly donor. Your ongoing and long-term support each month $10, $20, $50 or whatever you can afford helps us save lives! 
You can increase, decrease or even cancel your monthly donation at any time.
For more information email info@animalhouseshelter.com or call 847-961-5541 between 11am - 7pm

Animal House Shelter Wish list
We always need all Pet Food (dry & wet), all ages even prescriptions, open bags accepted!
Bleach & shredded paper for puppy playpen, Your old towels, comforters, blankets, bath mats and sheets
   Carriers, Crates, Collars/Harnesses/Leashes – all sizes
   Cat and Dog Toys (stuffed animals, tennis balls, squeaky toys, ropes, cat toys)
   Litter boxes & stainless steel bowls
   Heartguard, Frontline Plus, Revolution - all sizes
   Dawn dish soap, Bleach, Clorox Clean Up, Clorox wipes, Paper towels, cloth old towels, toilet paper, garbage bags, old grocery bags
   Air fresheners / deodorizers, Dixie Cups -2-3 oz cups (to dispense medicine),  Bandages, Chlorahexadine,
   Triple antibiotic ointments, etc., L-Lysine Powder, Anti-Fungal Cream (Generic or Lamisil)
   Clippers and blades,  First aid Kits, Band-Aids, Nebulizer, Digital Food or Baby Scales, Can Openers

Office Supplies: Toner cartridges Brother TN-420 or TN-450 at Best Buy, Office Max, Staples or Office Depot**
   Toner Cartridges Lemark T630, T632, T634, Plastic Sheet Protectors
   Laminating Pouches (for kennel cards mandated by state law), Batteries -AA and AAA, Copy Paper**
   Vet to donate time to do wellness exams and/or low cost spays/neuters and veterinary care, Vet practice to build on new property with us.

Extra Special Donation: Chain link fencing and accessories for play yards for the dogs (6′ tall)

Puppies, litter of 9
Snooki 'Gia'
I am a Female Lab/Terrier Mix
I love belly rubs & playing with Vinnie! I am super sweet & adorable!
I am a Male Lab/Terrier Mix
I am cuddly & a sensitive soul
Jeni 'Jersey'
Snooki Gia
Ronnie & Joey (Doug & Joey)
They happy pups were adopted together & came to visit us 1/31!!
They new parents named Ronnie "Doug" & kept Joey's name, the pups seem to recognize me, they are happy, healthy & so well behaved, seeing them again made my day, thank you so much for the visit
Theresa (Charlie)
Her new parents drove from Chicago to bring in "Charlie" to visit on 1/29, she is still so pretty & a very good girl, her parents treated her to a new cozy bed!!
Litter of 9 Pups at cody & carls home!
These pups were discovered by Animal Control on the side of the road in a cardboard box,they contacted Animal House Shelter
They lived with us for a few weeks & on Nov 27th 2010 they were 9 weeks old, all were neutered, micro chipped & adopted at 7am!!
See AHS website for other litters that need your help to be fostered...these were my babies for 7 wks!
Pauley's Update 1/19/2011
My husband Randy & I are the proud parents of Pauley...who you (cody & carl's blvd.) fostered back to GREAT health. We renamed him "HEMI"
He is a wonderful puppy! doing great!!! He picked up on potty training right away and listens so well. When we picked him up we soon settled into our new home that Randy & I had just bought and now our little family is so happy, he had no problems adjusting. He loves to play with us & is so affectionate, loves other dogs & loves our little nieces so much!! We're working right now on getting him to go for walks on the leash...he's getting there...doing well. He's in great health now. All of his check ups the vet has said he's adorable, he's gotten a clean bill of health, he is about 30lbs now!
. We're looking forward to summer hiking
& swimming with him...Hemi has been such a great addition to the family, friends love him & we couldn't be happier. We feel so good that we adopted him! I'm so glad I found Animal House Shelter & made the trip down there. Hemi's new Mom, Lyndsay!
Vinnie's Update 2/07/2011
Vinnie is now named Guinness for his gorgeous dark brown coat, we thought it would be a long time before we opened our hearts to another dog.  Our 11 ½ year old lab, whom we had since he was a puppy, had just passed away & we were absolutely heart broken.  When Dublin died there was such an emptiness in our home. & when we saw the pictures of Guinness’s liter on Petfinder.com we just fell in love. He happens to be the most mellow puppy ever!  We love him so much & he has brought such joy to our family.  He is such a sweetheart & loves to cuddle & to dig himself deep under the blankets to sleep.  He loves his toys & is rarely without one in his mouth.  He enjoys running through the snow, chasing the squirrels & has even made a friend in our neighbor’s dog.  He is very smart & doing well with the training but hates his leash so far.  I can’t wait for the weather to change so we can go for walks & play outside together more.  Thank you so much for taking in Guinness & nursing him back to health.  We are truly lucky to have him – he might be the most spoiled puppy in the world !Patrick, Kristine, Jordan and Logan
I just found out today 9-10-2012
he has a new adopted brother YEAH!!!!!!!!!!
Oprah, Ellen, Jimmy & Jay were all staying at Cody & Carl's home & were all adopted 4-2-11
Cody, Carl & Hopie get another litter to foster
they are less than thrilled, but their Mom is overwhelmed in puppy joy!!
All 4 puppies are from same litter, they are a Amstaff Terr / Lab Mix, 10 wks old; 2 girls and 2 boys: Oprah, Ellen Jimmy & Jay
I was named after the great daytime
TV Host Ellen DeGeneres,
I have a gentle, fun loving personality
& I have pretty light brown/hazel eyes
I am very strong, have lots of energy, love belly rubs & CRAZY for peanut butter & lamb lung Love to chew on flossies!
Not interested in politics of the litter,
just want to be loved!

I was named after the great daytime
TV Host Oprah Winfrey,
I am a leader & love to play
& I have pretty Light brown eyes
I was very sick the for 2 weeks, I am a fighter
I am determined to have a happy healthy life
I am a survivor & miss independant
I can teach you how to be quiet & strong!
I am very cuddly, love to snuggle up close!
Love Lamb Lung & peanut butter
I was named after the great
Late Night TV Host Jay Leno!
I am a leader & love to play & run! I have handsome lt green eyes I know my name!
I am very affectionate, sweet sensitive & love to cuddle & agh if you give me belly rubs,
it's an awesome bonus!
I was named after the great
Late Night TV Host Jimmy Fallon!
I am a multi talented & love to play hard & nap! I have handsome Hazel eyes I know my name & come when called
I hate rawhide & love flossies, enjot treat holders smeared with peanut butter.
Crazy for lamb lung!
Bellyrubs are great,
also really love butt scratchs!

I am a Male Lab/Terrier Mix, super sweet & kind boy

Cody & Carl's Blvd take a Pledge
We have fostered 13 pups in our home & believe in rescue, not store purchases
Nearly 50 pet stores throughout the Chicagoland area have vowed not to sell puppies or suggest where to buy puppies
in order to raise awareness about puppy mills & promote local adoptions.
The campaign is led by the Humane Society of the United States Independent retailers who signed the puppy-friendly pledge
received information that they will now be able to hand out to patrons on finding reputable breeders and adopting dogs.
They also received placards to hang in their windows & display in their stores that read,
“We love puppies; that’s why we don’t sell them.”
Retailers that have signed the pledge include Cody and Carl’s Blvd in Barrington.
2-4 million puppies sold each year come from puppy mills, which breed large numbers of puppies in often questionable conditions.
The organization also claims a 3rd of the nation’s 9,000 independent pet stores sell puppies. For more information on puppy mills,
visit HumaneSociety.org/PuppyMills.
Jersey 'Jeni' (Daisy)
Update 9-10-2012
She is now 2 yrs old & lives in a home that fosters other puppies & helps saves lives, Daisy is a sweetheart, she was the largest of the litter at 6wks old, she was so sensitive & she had my husband trained to give her
extra food at meal time :)
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