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Barrington doggie Woof-O-Ween Events benefiting local Illinois no kill animal shelters.

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Keeping your pooch safe on Halloween...
traditions of candy, costumes and trick-or-treating might be fun for kids,
but it can be a threat for pets.

Here are some tips to keep them safe,
courtesy of David Levy, owner of Zeus & Company pet supply store in Waukegan,
and Jennifer Schoonmaker, owner of Cody & Carl's Blvd., a pet store in Barrington.
courtesy of Daily Herald Newspaper

Doggie dress-up
• Watch out for less expensive costumes with lots of elastic. It constricts a dog's skin and can imbed itself in the animal.
• Dogs aren't used to having fabric wings, hats, capes and the like. Watch out if they are near an open flame.
• Be cautious about using items around the neck since the dog could get caught on something and be choked.

• Chocolate has a chemical in it called Theobromine that causes nervousness and nerve failure.
  The darker the chocolate, the more dangerous it is to pets.
• Candy or wrappers can choke your pet or block intestines, requiring surgery.
• Watch out if you throw candy into the garbage, where a resourceful dog can get it.
  Put the candy up high and explain to children they can't give Fido sweets.
• If you want your dog to have a treat, look for dog-safe products with no fillers or by-products in them.

Doorbell duty
• Keep your pets inside, but have them wear identification just in case they escape.
• Ease your pet's anxiety by keeping the front door within view, stepping up with the candy before trick-or-treaters ring.
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