Duffels bags for dog walks
Handled Poop Bags
Scented & Unscented poop bag refills, fits all holders, standard size
these are super easy with handles!
dog nail trimmer
pet comb
toothbrush for dogs
cain & able pet dental wipes
dog toothpaste & brush
aroma paws repellant dog shampoo & spray
eye envy for dogs
aroma paws shiney coat dog shampoo
aroma paws dog coat spray
angel eyes for dogs
aroma paws hot spot relief for dogs
USA Bug Repellent
Treat your dog naturally, plant based with essential oils. Spray on coat once a day to repel insects. If you are afraid to use pesticides like Frontline this is the best natural remedy for insect control
dog shampoo by angel eyes
USA Dog Coat Fresh Spritz
Use in between baths for a shiny coat & botanical fragrance, 100% chemical free, Ph balanced, Eco- friendly.
Available in 11 great fragrances, each spray is blended with green tea leaf extract for a shiny coat, aloe leaf extract to soothe skin, and sweet almond & coconut oils to relieve dryness. Spray liberally and brush into coat

Natural Products & Easy Training Solutions

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USA Eye Envy Cleaner
All natural, effective topical eye cleaning solution for tear & beard stains. Helps rid your dog of ugly red tear stains, also good on beard after meals for a clean mouth. We sell cleaner, pads & powder for after cleaning. Available in 2oz & 4oz
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illinois local dog boutique
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cody & carl's blvd is the best local dog boutique & dog bakery
Angel Eyes
Whitening Shampoo
Infused with tropical scents
Promotes whitening without any bleaching agents.

USA Paw Balm
Safe protection & moisutrizer paws need! Made with essential oils for softening cracked paw pads. Herbal Relief & Oatmeal Almond Paw Balms
susan lanci dog with belly band on
USA Angel Eyes Plus
Anti- tear stain formula contains no antibiotics, instead all natural; Cranberry powder, Marshmallow root powder, Olive leaf powder, and Eyebright powder. Also NEW tear pre moistens wipes for everyday care of eye discharge
Beef Liver, Chicken Liver both available in 45g or 75g
k9 granola soft paws balm for dogs
USA Botanical Dog Shampoo Conditioner in One
No dyes, No Parabens, No Salt, No Chemicals! Eco Friendly Bio-degradable
This line is all plant based with essential oils for reviving your dogs coat, after washing you will notice a shine & luster like no other. The line is specific to sensitive and dry itchy skin, ask us which we would recommend, the scents will remind you of a relaxing day at the spa! Available in 12 unique botanical blends.Each shampoo conditioner in one is blended with green tea leaf extract for a shiny coat.The aloe leaf extract will soothe skin for the itchy's!
They contain sweet almond & coconut oils to condition & detangle
Hot Spot Relief
Use these to aid in relief. Lavender & Cold Pressed Neem Oils calm and soothe hot spots, areas that your dog has been biting or gnawing and red, itchy, sensitive skin
Soft Dog Brush
Super soft brush that messages while deshedding, your dog will love to be brushed. This is for shedding dogs, not hair growing dogs.
We offer 3 sizes: Small, Medium, Large
Aroma Paws Dog Shampoos
Allergen Free Shiny Coat
Shampoo & Conditioner in one is blended with Organic Açaí, Argan, Avocado & Jojoba Oils. Conditions dry, itchy skin & brittle fur. Developed for pets that suffer from allergies, use to effectively clean & treat your dogs skin & coat. Vegan & Gluten Free, pH Balanced & Tear Free.
Assorted Pet Combs
Great combs for everyday detangling,

pooch outfitters, puppia panty
USA Dental Wipes
All natural herbal-infused dental wipes great for dogs that won’t let you brush with toothbrush. Promotes excellent oral hygiene while refreshing your dog’s breath. Textured wipes contain baking soda which provides gentle abrasion to help remove unwanted build up. Combining the gentleness of aloe with the antioxidant power of pomegranate for a fresh mouth.

Finger Tooth Brush
& Gum Massage
Toothbrush and gum massagers are. easy to use, an excellent tool for optimal hygiene of the dog´s mouth.
Use daily. Sold separately
Pet Tooth Brush &
Toothbrush & toothpaste. Offered in Poultry flavor & 2 sizes of dual head brushes to get inside & outside
Set can not be separated
See something you like, looking for something? We would love to help you pick out the perfect items for your pets.
Call us and let us shop with you over the phone. We will ship out within 24hrs via UPS.
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groomers choice pet comb
dog nail clipper
pet brush dog brush
Bristle Brush
Brush ensures an enjoyable and efficient experience in every stage of grooming. Untandles hair & creates silky coat
Great for cats & dogs.
Nail Trimmers
These offer more precise cut to ensure you do not cut their quicks. Great for cats & dogs.
Puppia Manner Bands for Dogs
Eco 88 carpet cleaner for dog messes
dog poop bags for pick up during walks
USA Potty Training Bells
Train your dog to alert you when he/she has to pee!  Hang the loop of the Poochie-Bells on the inside doorknob. Bells should stay on the door or on a small hook next to the door at all times so that your dog can access them whenever needing  to go potty, state a simple command phrase "go potty"
USA Male Wizzers/Bellybands
These are made from soft ultra suede with a built in pad, no need for added padding. Machine wash with Velcro closed & air dry.
XS/Sm, Small, SM/Med, Med, Med/L, Large, XL, XXL
Wizzers are for males that mark, just put on lower region for collection of any urine. Wizzers are not for potty training but just to help give you piece of mind in house or when visiting a friend. Wizzers are also for dogs with weak bladders. If you have a female that was just fixed, use a wizzer to protect her stitches & prevent her from licking.
Female Dog Panties
For female dogs in heat, excited peeing, or incontinence issues,
USA Amazing Eco 88
An incredible cleaner, that changes the chemical composition of urine stains old & new to pure water! Just spray & let set, stain will no longer have any odor for future accidents
Duffels bag holders for dog walks
Poop Bag Holders
These duffels attach onto lead or belt loop or purse, come with one scented or unscented poop bag roll, the bags are super easy with handles!
Susan Lanci Wizzers
yellow dog training dog bells
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