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We have only the best harness solutions for your dog.

This page was last updated: February 21, 2017
Soft Comfort Harnesses
Soft Comfort Dog Harness (XS-XXL)
Comfort dog harness, in breathe-easy flexy mesh. As dog walks, pressure is distributed throughout the chest, preventing damaging trachea. Matching leads available. Machine Washable
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USA Susan Lanci Ultra Suede Fabric Harnesses (XS-L)
Made by hand in California. Super soft Ultra suede fabric is easy to wash, embellished with Swarovski crystals, Closure at neck & girth with industrial strength grippy velcro! These are the ultimate in luxury harnesses. Matching leads are also available. These are made for small dogs only, sizes run smaller, buy 1 size larger than normal in most cases. Hand wash recomended with mild detergent
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All in one Step In Dog Harness (XXS-L)
Harness & leash in one. The leash does detach if you want to use a different leash with the harness.
Red, Black, Pink, Pink Leo, Tan Leo, Zebra, Silver Zebra, Gold Zebra
all adorned with crystal bone slides
Metallic gold or silver adorned with crystal crown slides
Get up & go for a walk in a second with this great dog harness invention.
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Soft Vest Harness Solids (XS-XL) Prints (XS-Large)
Best support for strong puller, with air-mesh for superior comfort. Available in all patterns shown in Comfort harnesses. Matching leads available. Machine Washable
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Local Dog Boutique
304 - 7140
See something you like, looking for something? We would love to help you pick out the perfect items for your pets.
Call us and let us shop with you over the phone. We will ship out within 24hrs via UPS.
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