Red Hydrant Dog Treat Jar Set
slow bowls for dogs
All Glass Treat Jars
Ceramic lids in Black or white with clear glass jars.
2 sizes:9.5"H X 5"W, 11"H X 5"W
dog bowls stand
glass dog treat jars
Double Bowl Stand
Black iron stand for medium & Small bowls

Beautiful ceramic dog bowls & treat jars!

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Ceramic Pottery Dog Bowl Collection
Bowls are dishwasher safe and lead free. Small - 1 cup measures 5” diameter by 1.5” deep. Medium - 3.5 cup measures 6.75” diameter by 2.5” deep.
Large - 6 cup measures 9” diameter by 3” deep
Slow Down
Fun Maze Dog Bowls
When eating out of these bowls, your dog will have fun,
slow down & reduce chances of tummy upset!  8" & 12"

paw dog bowl
dog boutique, local dog bakery
dog bakery for dog birthdays
Local Dog Boutique
304 - 7140
melia dog bowls
melia dog bowl
melia dog bowl
Hydrant Treat Jar Bowl Set
3 Piece Set. Bowls stack into Jar for easy storage
Treat Jar 10.5"H X 7.5"W, Bowls 7"W

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