bonita tuna flakes for cats
foam cat ball toys
cat crinkles wands
fun cat wand toy
burlap cat mice toys
sparkle cat ball toys
fleece mice cat toys
cage cat ball toys
feather fish cat toys
cat balls
plaid mice for cats
Pounce Stix for Cats
Fun Ribbon Cat Collars

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Cat Feather wand Toys
USA Whisp Wand
These wands are great to tickle kittys face & have them bat at the toy, feathers are sure to energize them to play!
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USA Ribbon Cat Collars
Adjustable breakaway collars, if your kitty gets caught up on something these break away so kitty can break free & be safe
Boing Sticks
plastic cat sticks pop & fling when batted around.
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illinois local dog bakery
cody & carl's blvd is the best local dog boutique & dog bakery
Cat Urine Cleaner
Hands down, an incredible cleaner, that changes the chemical composition of urine stains. Just spray & let it sit. It will devert future accidents
cat toys
kitty toy
cat ball toy
cat mice toy
cat wheel toy
Mesh Balls
Plastic light mesh ball with inside bell for cat play, easy to swat & catch
Space Balls
Plastic light mesh ball with inside fun twirl of colors, stimulating for kitty!
Stripe Balls
Light foam balls,
easy to swat & chase
Fun Wheels
Plastic wheels with bell, cats love to roll along floor & pounce!
Rainbow Mice
Catnip stuffed mice with bell
Gingham Mice
Catnip stuffed mice
Texture Bell Balls
Rubber ball with inside bell for cat play, easy to swat & catch
rattle cat ball toys
Rattle Balls
Plastic light mesh ball with inside bell for cat play, easy to swat & catch
Cage Balls
Plastic light mesh ball with inside bell for cat play, easy to swat & catch
Fleece Mice
Catnip stuffed mice with bell
Feather Fish
Catnip stuffed feather fishy!
Zoom Groom Cat Brush
Soft rubber brushes Amazing results
&  your cat will enjoy being brushed!

Sparkle Balls
Light airy balls, easy to bat around
dog boutique, local dog bakery
dog bakery for dog birthdays
Local Dog Boutique
304 - 7140
Bonita Flakes Treat
Great yummy pure 100% bonita tuna treat or fodd topper, a huge hit in our house!
curly cat wands for cat play
Burlap Mice
Catnip stuffed mice with bell
wire cat balls
Wire Balls
Open wire ball with inside furry ball & bell for cat play
USA Feather Wand
This feather wand is on a long cord for extra movement during play, large feathers with crinkle strings are a blast for kitty!
USA Crinkle Wand
The ultimate crinkles & feather wand toy. Made to tickle in cats face & drive him into play
USA Springy Wands
The long springy catnip filled fur toy with satin strings and new satin crimped strings, due to the plastic curled spring, these bounce around & makes kitty have a great time
Soft Feather Ball
spongey soft pastel colored ball with full feathers, light to bat around!l
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Fussie Cat Foods
2 flavors: Chicken/Turkey,  Salmon/Chicken
If you a have a picky eater, fussie cat kibble is not only biologically appropriate for their needs but tasty too!
4#, 12# bags

orijen cat food
Orijen Cat & Kitten
FRESH FREE-RUN CHICKEN, TURKEY, WILD-CAUGHT FISH, NEST-LAID EGGS With 40% richly nourishing protein, and limited to 19% low-glycemic carbohydrates to nourish cats and kittens according to their evolutionary and biological needs. Free of rendered poultry meals, 1/3 of the meats are from dehydrated chicken and turkey (air-dried at low temperature from fresh meat) for a concentrated source of nourishing protein. Unmatched by any other food, 2/3 of the meats are FRESH (refrigerated, without preservatives) or RAW (flash-frozen, without preservatives), including the top 10 meat ingredients. Nutrient-dense WholePrey™ ratios of fresh meats, organs, and cartilage plus fresh whole fish and fresh whole eggs provide a natural source of virtually every nutrient your cat needs. Infusions of gently freeze-dried liver enhance flavor and palatability naturally, making ORIJEN deliciously tasty, even for picky eaters. Protein:40%. Fat:20% Crude Fiber: 3%
Calories 463/cup Omega 6: 3.5% Omega 3, .8%

fussie cat cat food