dog birthday bandana
dog party collars
dog bakery birthday cookie
dog bakery dog birthday cookie
granola cupcakes for dogs
dog birthday tank for celebrating
dog birthday tank
dog cupcake cookies
dog bakery cookies
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birthday dog
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dog birthday hats
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bone cookie cake for dogs
Peanut Butter cookie cake for dogs
dog birthday cake
Medium/Large Birthday Bone Cookie
Peanut Butter & Yogurt Cookie Cake 7" X 4"  Sold Individually (Yellow, Pink, Green, White, Blue, Lilac)

dog bakery birthday bone
dog birthday bone
dog bakery dog bone cookie
Soft Yummy Bon Bons
all yogurt dog cookies
No Nuts, Granola Cakes!
male dog birthday tank
female dog birthday tank
dog birthday tank top
truffles for dogs
paw bones for dogs
granola bone cookies for dogs
USA Dog Birthday Tanks Cotton jersey knit tanks, all birthday inspired to make your pups day special! (XS-XLarge)
dog birthday cupcakes
dog birthday bone cake
dog bone birthday cake
dog birthday cake
birthday singing toy
dog birthday cakes
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Natural Dog Bakery Cookies & Dog Birthday Cakes & awesome birthday items to celebrate!

Sparkle Birthday Hats
Dog party hats, small & large
Dog Birthday Bundt Cake Wheat Free
4 round bundt cake, our ultimate peanut butter cake with yogurt icing, smells yummy! sold individually
Granola Dog Birthday Cake
Wheat Free, Nut Free
3.5" Granola Cookie Cake for dogs with yogurt icing, this is a hard cookie cake, in Pink or Blue
Birthday Cupcakes Wheat Free
Soft Whipped Yogurt, soft peanut butter cookie base with candle. Sold in Pack of 2
Visit Chicago-land's dog bakery & dog birthday hot spot, in Barrington!
Bakery items are made with only the fresh human grade ingredients, our bakery treats have no sugar added & we have no nut options!
Our dog bakery cookies & cakes are always in stock! No need to be refrigerated, they are dehydrated, which gives them a 6-8 month shelf life. We do not personalize cakes.
dog visitors
illinois local dog boutique
illinois local dog bakery
cody & carl's blvd is the best local dog boutique & dog bakery
Stretchy Party Collars
Easy fit with elastic in Small - XL
Cake Toy
Instead of squeakers,
these have a voice box that plays Happy Birthday when box is pressed by your dog!
See something you like, looking for something?
Call us and let us shop with you over the phone. We will ship out on same day ordered with UPS.
If you are in Illinois you should receive next day!
847 . 304 . 7140
dog boutique, local dog bakery
dog bakery for dog birthdays
Local Dog Boutique
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304 - 7140
Pup Truffles
Wheat Free, Yogurt
Cookie drops
(sold in assorted Pack of 8)
Granola Bone Cookies Wheat Free, Nut Free
1.5" Granola Cookie for dogs with yogurt icing,
Bag of 4 Bones
Bakery Dog Cookies
Peanut Butter Cookies with Yogurt Icing
Assorted bag of 3
Bakery Paw Bones
Peanut Butter Cookies with Yogurt Icing
Assorted Pack of 6
dog birthday hats
USA Handmade Ultimate Doggie Party Hats
Custom dog party hats, Small (1-5lbs), Med (6-25lbs), Large (30lbs+)
JUMBO Birthday Bone Cookie
Peanut Butter & Yogurt Cookie Cake 9"X 6", Sold individually in Blue, Pink, White

dog birthday tank
Granola Cupcakes
Wheat Free, Nut Free
2" Granola Cookie Cupcake for dogs with soft yogurt whip!
sold in a pack of 2
Dog Bakery Bonbons
Super Soft Peanut Butter Oat Balls
with Drizzled Yogurt (Pack of 6)
Bakery Paw Cookies
1" Peanut Butter Cookies with Yogurt Icing
Assorted Pack of 8
dog birthday
Dog Birthday Party Tanks
2X2 stretchy cotton rib knit tanks, all birthday inspired to make
your pups day special!  (XS-XXLarge)
Wheat Free Bakery Pup Cups
Yogurt layered cups in peanut butter and vanilla
1", Great for party's! (Assorted Pack of 10)
Bakery Yogurt Bones Wheat Free
All Yogurt Bone Cookies, no flour, Great for value treat for party guests! (Assorted Pack of 10 )
Dog Birthday Bandanas
2X2 stretchy cotton rib knit bandanas, only 2 sizes
Small fits up to 20lbs, Large fits up to 50lbs
LARGE Birthday Cake Cookies
Peanut Butter & Yogurt Cookie
4" X 3"  Sold in pack of 2

LARGE Birthday Paw Cookie
Peanut Butter & Yogurt Cookie
5" X 5"  Sold individually